Indulge In Our Mouth-Watering Cheese Hamper In Ireland

cheese hamper ireland


For those looking for a delectable cheese hamper in Ireland, your wait is finally over. The Divine Foodies brings you an array of mouth-watering packages. Each box is filled with cheesy goodness, coupled with savory, meaty bites. The berries and fresh fruits will also leave a sweet party in your mouth. 

Each of our packages is homemade and consists of homegrown items. Every little bite is organic and can be free from gluten if you prefer it that way. We also provide many other goodies in each package. From gift cards to even bottles of red wine, our boxes come with everything!

Why You Should Get Our Cheese Hamper

Whether you want to munch on everything alone or throw a party for six, our cheese hampers are available in all sizes. On top of that, you can also customize your order as you prefer. This means we will throw in some extra meat or a few more bites of cheese if you want. 

Alongside that, our packages are made fresh every day, so we won’t be delivering you leftovers in any way! Every cheese, meat, and berry is organic and free from harmful chemicals. 

We also pride ourselves on our completely compostable boxes. The cutleries that you get in each package are also reusable, so you don’t have to keep throwing them away. In short, our cheese hampers are both delicious, and eco-friendly for the environment. 

What Our Charcuterie Boards Consist Of

Firstly, let us just state that you probably won’t be getting a cheese board as aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling anywhere else in Ireland! Our charcuterie boards are not only packed with mouth-watering bites, but they also look super pretty. Perfect for your Insta-snaps!

Now, coming to what they exactly hold. The boards can vary in size, so the items on them can also be different and customizable. 

For example, the Brunch Platter for Two comes with sausage rolls, fresh range eggs, homemade brown bread, yogurt and granola, waffles, and even chutney. There are also 7 variations to this board alone! You can even order add-ons for the package. 

On the other hand, we have our Cheese Gift Hamper, which is perfect for the cheese-enthusiasts among us. 

This box consists of 3 different types of fresh cheese, a cheesy relish, 3 types of cured meats, organic olives and olive oil, crackers, Wild Atlantic tuna, chocolate treats, etc. The package can easily feed 4 adults!

As you can see, our boards can greatly vary in size and content, but the taste and freshness remain the same in every batch. 

Order Your Favorite Board Today!

If you want only the freshest cheese hamper in Ireland, give The Divine Foodie a try. Our fresh and organic cheese, and cured to perfection meat will leave a party in your mouth! Customize your order according to your needs, and leave the decoration and aesthetics to us. Our boards will be the show-stopper to your feast!