The Most Fulfilling Cheese Gift Hamper In All of Ireland

cheese gift hamper

Whether it be for a picnic, promotion, or birthday - our cheese gift hampers are the perfect choice for your occasion. The Divine Foodie takes pride in its deliciously assorted charcuterie boards and cheese hampers. 

Our hampers are packed with yummy berries, cheesy bites, and perfectly cured meat. Each bite will leave you wanting more! Our boxes can be the fanciest way to say “congratulations”, or “happy birthday” to your loved one. The savory, cheesy and sweet combination will leave magic on their tongue. 

Customize Your Cheese Gift Hamper However You Want 

If you want to add a bit of your originality to the hamper, why not customize it your way instead? Just let us know, and we’ll throw in some red wine or even the freshest OJ for a picnic hamper. 

You can also take a look at our brunch or birthday hampers, and customize them with delectable and oozy brownies and cakes. Our perfectly shaped macarons are also quite the hit among couples! 

Which Cheese Hamper Should You Get?

Well, we’d say get all of them! But you can try out some of our specialties to get an idea about what we do. 

For example, the Cheese and Cocktails Hamper can be a perfect pair for a lazy picnic with your boo. In this box, you get 2 types of fresh cheese, organic olives, crackers, relishes, chocolate truffles, and the best cocktails you’ll ever drink! Each of the items is homegrown, so they are organic and fresh to the T. 

Or you can get our Thinking Of You hamper to surprise your loved one with the prettiest flower arrangement and snacks! You can even choose the basket to be one made with wick or a modern one. 

This pretty basket comes with fresh farmhouse cheese, a trio of relishes, chocolatey treats, and homemade crackers. This hamper is the perfect way to send love and wishes to your dear one. 

Now, you can even get the Luxury Mother’s Day hamper to give your mom the love she deserves. The box contains 3 types of cheese, fresh relish, tuna, delectable cupcakes with icing, crackers, and treats. We’ll even throw in either a red or white wine if you want us to! 

In the end, we’ll tie everything up with a pretty golden ribbon for that extra oomph. Or, simply just leave a note in the comment box and we’ll send your dear one a heartwarming gift card with your message!

The Best Cheese Hamper In Ireland 

We don’t mean to boast when we say we’re the best (oh, but we are!). But, give our cheese gift hampers a try yourself if you want to indulge in magic! Savory, sweet, and cheesy - our boxes will leave explosions of goodness in your mouth. 

Our gift hampers are the best way to show love and affection for your dear one. Oh, did we mention that everything is also compostable and eco-friendly too? So, what are you waiting for? Get our hampers for your special day today!