Taking Your Cheese Board Order To The Next Level

cheese board order

Unlike many brands selling charcuterie boards just for the sake of it, The Divine Foodie takes every cheese board order very seriously. We don’t just throw in a bunch of ingredients on the board hoping that you would like it. Everything put into those packages is well-thought and made with a lot of effort. 

Offering The Best In Ireland

We don’t just claim ourselves to be the best in the country. Our hundreds of customers can confirm this. From our food quality to the creative liberties taken and the service we provide, we ensure perfection in all of it. 

Coming Up With Creative Cheese Board Ideas

Here at The Divine Foodie, we don’t only make basic cheese boards that most generic food ordering services would offer. We make it a point to design special cheese boards that cater to both general customers as well as people with a specific taste. 

We have cheese board options with a wide variety of cheese types; from cheddar to swiss cheese and bleu or even goat cheese, we offer it all! And to top it all off, our cheese boards can be all meat, all greens, and fruits, or even a combination of the two. 

Apart from the meat and the fruits/veggies, we also let you specifically select the type of crackers you want, the kind of bread you prefer, and even whether you want nuts and grains in there. We take your orders just the way you want them and don’t ever disappoint. 

As we curate these boards keeping people’s preferences in mind, you can get exactly the kind of cheese board you want while ordering. 

Customization To Its Core

If you think our existing combinations for cheese boards aren’t good enough for you and want to add or remove certain items, you can do that too! Offering customized orders is what makes us stand out from other similar services. 

We let our customers choose exactly the kind of cheese they want, the amount of it, and the items they want to go with the cheese. You can also select the type of meat, the way it’s cooked, etc. As for vegetables and fruits, you can choose what to add or remove as well.  

Ordering Is So Convenient!

We already have predesigned platters that you can directly choose from according to your taste. And as you can customize, you can select the items that you want to be added or removed from our existing platters

So you can easily order from our site by choosing what you want in your cheese boards. We will ensure that it is catered to your taste and is delivered to you at your doorstep. 

Order From The Divine Foodie Now!

So what’s stopping you from making your cheese board order from our site and indulging in these goodies? Select the platter that appeals to you and place your order now and enjoy our professionally crafted cheese boards today!