The Best Cheese Board in Dublin That You Can Get

cheese board Dublin

Our work revolves around surprising customers and their loved ones with the tastiest cheese board in Dublin. Each item on the list is made from only the freshest ingredients. 

We have full menus that cater to those with a sweet tooth, and those craving savory goodness. Our boards can also come with a note from you, written with love by us. We have boards that consist of the freshest cheese, crackers, and berries. Other menus are perfect for brunches and afternoon teas. 

You can also fancy yourself a brunch for two only if you want a special date with your soulmate for the day. 

Why Get Our Cheese Board in Dublin? 

From taking care of the freshness and purity of the items to making sure the boards look aesthetically pleasing - we consider everything. Our job is to make sure you and your loved ones enjoy a relaxing day with only the yummiest bites to nibble on. 

Due to the rush we usually deal with, our system relies on booking in advance for your order. This way, we get to ensure completely garden-fresh goodies, and your schedule isn’t disrupted. 

What Else Do We Sell? 

Unlike most other brands, we don’t only sell meat for our boards! (Surprising, we know right!?

From meat boards to those filled with cheese and crackers, and even brownies and cakes, we make everything. To be blunt, we’ll make sure you’re well-fed by the end of the day!

We also sell macarons, cookies, very chocolatey brownies, and even carrot cakes for a trip down Nonna’s backyard. Each bite will taste like home to you. 

What A Typical Board Consists Of

We pride ourselves on our creativity and imagination when it comes to decorating a cheese board. 

Each charcuterie board comes with a variety of different items, all hitting the right taste buds! The most typical items you can expect to get are cheese (duh!), fresh berries and fruits, a selection of biscuits and crackers, etc., among many more!

Oh, did we mention we can slide in a bottle of red in your package if you want a drink too? Leave all your cravings to us. 

Completely Organic and Gluten-free

There’s no reason for you to compromise on the taste because of gluten or unhealthy substances. 

Our cheese boards are available in organic and gluten-free menus as well, so that you enjoy a delicious evening with no worries. You can get such a platter for two people, which is ideal for brunches. 

Such cheese boards consist of gluten-free pastries and bread, organic fruit compote, and GF sausage rolls. We will throw in some brie cheese into the package too for some finger-licking goodness. 

Get Your Charcuterie Board Today!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us if you want the best cheese board in Dublin without compromising on health or taste! We’ll take care of all your cravings, whether for sweet items or for some cheesy and meaty goodness. Let us know if you want to throw a gift card into the mix as well!